unicode + oracle query....... (suggestions needed...)

From: Sandeep Krishna (sandeepkrishna@noida.hcltech.com)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 23:50:11 EDT


actually i have been trying to use ASPs (UTF-8 encoding..) to write unicode cahracters to an Oracle DB table (varchar2 field)... and then retrieve them back..
(i used UTF-8 encoding for both writing to the database and also for retriving and displaying..)

there were some amazing observations...

* each unicode character was taking 7 bytes in the database. (instead of expected 2 or 3...)
* some unicode characters(or rather code points.) like' F95F' when encoded in UTF-8 was being encoded as EF A5 BF, when it should have been encoded as EF A5 9F.. in fact many unicode charcters whose encoded form had to had a byte in the range (80..9F) were being somehow changed to BF ... thus resulting in incorrect retrieval....

I was unable to find the reasons for these strange occurrences....
Pls suggest what could be the causes for these......



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