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From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 04:23:47 EDT

Antoine Leca wrote:

> sanatan mohanty wrote:
> >
> > i have a project to make a webpage, which will be unicode enable.
> Good.
> > i can show indian language fonts.
> > i can type those fonts on the webpage itself on text boxes!.
> Ah! How do you do that?
> Or do you mean "would/should" instead?
> > and it should be atleast work on netscape and windows
> > explorer!, and atleast LINUX and Windows OS supports it!.
> I am not aware that Netscape, even in version 6, is able to
> display Indian sentences encoded in Unicode (although it is
> able to display individual characters). The problem is in
> the rendering (displaying) of the conjuncts, and the reordering
> of the left-positionned matra's.

Does Netscape6 on Win2K have this problem ? If so, can you put together
a test page for us? We know there are problem when we try to select the
conjuncts. However, since we use TextOutW, in theory the TextOutW should
handle conjuncts and handle the reording of the left-positionned

> > so, can u people give me some brief ideas abt keyboard mapping,
> Keyboard layout is unrelated to the problem.
> You can use whatever you want (or are comfortable with).
> However, you certainly need a Unicode-able editor. Very few of
> them are Indian-enabled (Microsoft are the best choice, but are
> not the cheaper, particularly since it pratically needs Win2000).
> > unicode font setting,
> There are very few Indian "Unicode" fonts for the moment.
> And even less work with X11/Linux.
> In fact, I am not aware of any such a font. Which is the main
> reason why I ask the questions above.
> > dispay setting....
> What do you mean with display setting?
> The display setting is on the the client side. You are not going
> to have any form of control on this setting... (and no, I do not
> like browsing a web site and encountering a page that says
> "please, change over all your settings in order to browse my
> site"; actually, I often switch away).
> Antoine

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