RE: lag time in Unicode implementations in OS, etc?

From: Apurva Joshi (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 19:10:47 EDT

Format 12 (segmented coverage) is required for surrogate fonts on Windows.

Such a font will need to contain a cmap subtable with:

Platform ID: 3
Platform specific encoding ID:10
Format: 12 (segmented coverage)

Details will be made available in the next OpenType spec update, which is
due very soon.

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Chris Pratley wrote (regarding surrogate support):

> There are a couple of reg keys that can do part of the enabling. I think
> Windows team will release a support pack of some kind once they've got the
> support final (turning on the reg keys simply enables part of the support
> there are still fonts, IMEs, and sorting)

Microsoft Typography web site OpenType specifications
offer no clue that I could find for building a Plane 1
font. The cmap page only goes through format 6.
Should such a font just be built to the Apple
specs for cmap format 12 or is there a spec at the
Microsoft site that I just couldn't find?

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James Kass.

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