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From: Jon Babcock (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 08:19:39 EDT

>>>>> "Marco" == Marco Cimarosti <> writes:

> Jon Babcock is satisfied to stop here, and indeed two
> "holograms" can greatly reduce the number of characters needed.

Not two holograms usually, but two * hemigrams *, one of which is a
'hologram' (wen2) and other may be a 'hologram', but most likely it
will be another digraph (zi4), capable of being split into two.

> Anyway. I think that everybody probably had quite enough of this
> daydreams of mine et al. So, if anyone wishes to go on chatting
> about this, shouldn't we do it privately?

> _ Marco

Yes, quite right.

(But if someone can tell me why it matters, except in a very few cases
(like mang 5fd9 and wang 5fd8), how the hemigrams are positioned with
respect to each other, I would be eager to hear. The Chinese character
can be identified regardless of the relative positioning, can it not?
Or are we talking strictly about creating fonts?)


Jon Babcock <>

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