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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 03:50:42 EDT wrote on
> Are there languages you might need to encode where
> colour is important? (such as, if a certain shape
> in red is one letter, but in blue it is a different
> letter)

I think this is the case for the Nahuatl (Atztec) script, where color is a
primary feature of the script (as opposed to a decorative or honorific

But I am not sure whether there is a consensum on considering that Atztec
script "proper writing", and I don't think the script is considered suitable
for encoding on computers.

I remember, at that the 16th Unicode Conference, that Prof. Bunz talked
about the criteria proposed by linguists for accepting or rejecting ancient
writing systems in Unicode (

Oversimplifying, he said that a candidate script, and its repertoire of
signs, must be well known by scholars. If there are major doubts about what
the signs mean, ongoing decipherment projects, major disputes about the
nature of the script, etc., then it's not worth encoding it.

_ Marco

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