Re: Mac support of UCAS in Unicode 3.0

From: Aki Inoue (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 11:36:58 EDT

OmniWeb is one of few Web browsers that display UTF-8 encoded Web pages. As
long as you have UCAS font with Unicode cmap, you should be able to display
it with the browser.

Aki Inoue
Apple Computer Inc.
Object App Framework

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> The only exception I am aware of to this rule is
> the OmniWeb application which runs only on Mac OS X.

One dis-advantage of OmniWeb, by the way, for international use, is that it
requires that you set (in a preference panel) the encoding it uses for pages
that it renders; it doesn't know about looking at the HTML meta tags for

It knows about the more-or-less complete Mac codeset repertoire; UTF-8 is
among them, but I think no other UCAS-capable encoding is available.


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