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From: Alex Yanishevsky (alexy@venturipartners.com)
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 12:42:30 EDT

Web Internationalization
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Commerce on the Internet is experiencing phenomenal growth. According to Forrester Research, Inc. <http://www.forrester.com/ER/Press/ForrFind/0,1768,0,00.html>, worldwide net commerce, both B2B and B2C, will hit $6.8 trillion in 2004. However, American dominance of the World Wide Web is fading and in two years American e-commerce sales will drop below 50% of worldwide e-commerce sales.

As the rest of the world begins to participate in e-commerce, American companies will experience tremendous opportunities for growth, greater efficiencies due to economies of scale, and new competitors as well.

To be successful in this changing environment, managers and executives of software companies need to understand today how globalization of the web will impact their product design and begin to plan accordingly.

To prepare you for these new challenges, Venturi Technology Partners is offering a tutorial on Web Internationalization for managers at software companies. This day session will help you understand how your company needs to adapt to meet global requirements such as:
* avoiding data corruption over the Internet,
* enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering information in a user's native language, and
* supporting data, user interface and reports in multiple languages.

The tutorial will cover technical and strategic issues designed to give you an understanding of the global Web environment.

Topics to be covered include:

User Interfaces - address cultural differences when using graphics, date and time formats, number and currency formats, title and address formats, sound, color and more.
Text Handling - learn techniques to address different alphabets and writing rules.
Infrastructure and Source Management Processes - understand source code structure, modularization and localization.
World Wide Web - learn about internationalization topics specific to Internet technologies such as HTTP, HTML and XML.

This tutorial is technology and platform independent.

                About the Presenter

Tex Texin is a consultant assisting companies in the globalization of their products and business, especially those that are moving their applications to the Web and e-business. He specializes in creating software for international markets, particularly Asian markets. He has defined and implemented strategies that migrate applications from legacy character sets to Unicode, and created tools and processes for efficient localization at reduced cost.

Tex is currently participating in the Unicode Consortium <http://www.unicode.org>, the World Wide Web Consortium <http://www.w3.org> (W3C), and the L2 - Codes and Character Sets <http://www.ncits.org/tc_home/l2.htm> technical committee of INCITS <http://www.ncits.org>. Tex is also a Project Management Committee member for ICU <http://oss.software.ibm.com/icu/credits/team.html> (IBM's Open Source library "International Components for Unicode").

Tex is often a speaker and lecturer at conferences on software development, standards (W3C, Unicode, Internationalization, ISO 8601 et al.), and globalization (both business and technical).


Who should attend:
Executives, managers, project leaders responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of software for the Internet.

When: Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 2:00 to 6:00 PM

Cost: $395/person
Please make check payable to Venturi Technology Partners and send it along with the registration form by June 6, 2002.

Where: Venturi Technology Parnters
                400-1 Totten Pond Road
                Waltham, MA 02451

Take 128 (I95) South
to Totten Pond Road Exit (27A). Bear right off the ramp, and go over the highway.

Take 128 (I95) North
to Totten Pond Road Exit (27A). Take a right at the lights at the end of the ramp.
Go through the intersection and continue to follow Totten Pond Road for approximately 1/3 of a mile, going past The Four Points Hotel on your right and the Naked Fish restaurant on your left. Turn right into The Totten Pond Road Office Center for buildings 400-1 and 400-2 Totten Pond Road (Lycos sign). We are the 1st building on the right, and parking is located immediately after the building. Venturi Partners is located on the first floor, on the right.


Alex Yanishevsky

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