RE: Bengali script - where is "khanda ta"?

From: Somnath Kundu (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 14:26:41 EDT

At 05:57 AM 5/22/02, you wrote:
>My responses inline. Thanks, -apurva
>Thanks for this confirmation.
>Below are some input sequences, and I'm assuming that the font used for
>displaying them will have a glyph for the khanda Ta. The sample conjunct
>being created is taTa i.e. the double Ta. I'm using this conjunct
>because it is usually diplayed as a distinct ligature.
>1. To display the ligature taTa, use:
>Ta Halant Ta
>2. To display khandaTa Ta use:
>Ta Halant ZWJ Ta
>3. To display Ta Halant Ta use:
>Ta Halant ZWNJ Ta

Thanks for the clarification.

>To the best of my knowledge, khanda Ta is not a consonant (or distinct
>character) by itself, but the halant form of a consonant. Such alternate
>forms can be displayed using an OpenType font, that contains glyphs for
>such forms.
>I don't have access to a Bangla dictionary right now, but I think the
>khanda Ta is not sorted differently either; i.e. 'utkarsha' will be
>listed before 'uttam'. Although utkarsha uses the khanda Ta and uttam
>employs the double Ta ligature.
>In case this hadn't been the case, we might then have had a case that
>the khanda Ta might need more looking into.

You are possibly right, the Bangla dictionary that I have at this moment
does not sort Khanda Ta differently from Ta and "utkarsha" is listed before

Somnath Kundu

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