Bengali script - where is "khanda ta"?

From: Somnath Kundu (
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 14:57:51 EDT


It appears that Bengali consonant "khanda ta" is not included in Unicode
Standard 3.0 for Bengali script. "Khanda ta" is the halant form of "ta"
(09A4) but it is considered a distinct consonant in Bengali script. It
comes between 09DF and 0982, looks like the character 096F and is
pronounced as 't', i.e., without the inherent vowel 'a' in 'ta'. There are
many common words in Bengali that uses this consonant.

Can someone shed some light on why it was not included in the Unicode
Standard and how Unicode Consortium intend to support it? I am asking this
question because I see that there is problem supporting it as a combination
of 09A4+09CD because it is used to create half form of 'ta'. It is also not
in the list of proposed characters.

Keenly awaiting for any reply,

Somnath Kundu

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