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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 11:32:27 EDT

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> See ISO 3166-2 changes at:

Thanks for the update.

Probably the most important changes for implementers will be the code
changes for East Timor (from TP/TMP to TL/TLS) and the short-name change
from "Kazakstan" to the more common "Kazakhstan."

Note the following justification given for the East Timor change:

> The new alphabetic code elements allow a visual association with
> the new short name of the country in Portuguese "Timor Leste" and
> the official name "República Democrática de Timor Leste".

This explanation stands in sharp contrast to the veil of silence that
surrounded the Romania change (from ROM to ROU) last February.

The updates to 3166-1 also include several changes to the long,
"official" country names, but those may be of lesser interest to
implementers, as these names tend to emphasize aggrandizement ("Federal
and Islamic Republic of Comoros") over clarity. Sixty-one long names
begin with "Republic of," which doesn't work too well in a scrollable

ObUnicode: The native name of Kazakhstan, in Cyrillic, is Қазақстан.
The question of how to romanize U+049A and U+049B CYRILLIC LETTER KA
WITH DESCENDER may have motivated the recent change.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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