Re: Language name questions

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 02:10:36 EDT

Apologies in advance to Tom for quoting his private response to the
list. I felt it was germane and harmless.

Tom Gewecke <tom at bluesky dot org> wrote:

>> FWIW, the language menu in my Ericsson T28 World phone offers
>> Magyar (Hungarian), SlovenĨina (Slovak), and Slovenski
>> (Slovenian).
> Did you perhaps reverse the last two?

You know, I wondered about that. I can't distinguish Slovak from
Slovenian, and the prompts in the phone when I selected the two
languages didn't help much. But a quick, superficial Web search on
"slovencina" (note de-caroned 'c', a bone I threw to Google) and
"slovenski" showed that the former mostly led to links on Slovak or
Slovakia, or in the .sk domain, while the latter mostly led to links on
Slovenian or Slovenia, or in the .si domain.

Plus, Deborah's original post did mention "Slovenski" (with 'i' at the
end, not 'y') as the word for Slovenian.

But I did find one Google hit for "slovencina" that led straight to a
Slovenian pronunciation page. So no, I'm not entirely sure.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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