RE: 3 big bidi bugs

From: Bernard Miller (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 20:24:57 EDT

Tim Partridge writes:
> > (2) Line width dependent mangling, spelling conventions for quotes:
> > What is the purpose of step X10 if not to allow something like
> > QUOTATION MARK to be used as if it was an OPEN DOUBLE QUOTATION
> MARK? One
> > simply puts an embedding inside a quotation, such as
> “<RLE>quotation<PDF>”.
> Surely if the quotation is meant to be right to left the RLE and
> PDF should
> be outside the entire thing, including the quotes. After all the intention
> is for the quotes to match the text is it not?

Either way the quote is mangled if it spans multiple lines, unless mirroring
is avoided. I've updated the Bytext FAQ to show examples.

> > (3) Mirroring ambiguities:
> > What if eor = sor?
> > text: R RLO whatever PDF N LRO whatever PDF
> > embedding level at step X9: 1 3 3 1 2 2
> > directional type at step X10: R R R ? L L
> Have you perhaps misunderstood <sor> and <eor>? They are imaginary things
> inserted at the run boundaries, not a role undertaken by an
> actual character
> inside the run.

You're right, I'll change the FAQ. The statement “for two adjacent runs, the
eor of the first run is the same as the sor of the second” is true after


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