Re: Why isnt the posting address on the list?

From: i18nGuy Tex Texin (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 21:44:21 EDT

Which I find to be a GOOD THING.
Large lists takes a while to send the mail to all members.
Although being specifically listed means you get 2 copies, it also means
you get the reply immediately, rather than much much later.

And then there is the delete key. For example, I saved John Hudson the
headache of receiving this twice by deleting his name from the list.
(And punished Theodore by leaving him in. ;-) )


Stefan Persson wrote:
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> From: "John Hudson" <>
> To: "Theodore H. Smith" <>
> Cc: <>
> Sent: den 29 maj 2002 21:45
> Subject: Re: Why isnt the posting address on the list?
> > Use the 'Reply to All' function in your mailer.
> This will add *both* the address to the list *and* the address to the sender
> (and also all other addresses in the "to" and "cc" fields). This will
> eventually cause the mails being sent to very many different addresses. If
> you're replying to a reply to a mail of yours, you'll even send the mail to
> yourself!
> Stefan
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