Re: Any way of using Unix X11 fonts on PC?

From: James H. Cloos Jr. (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 03:52:16 EDT

>>>>> "Shlomi" == Shlomi Tal <> writes:

Shlomi> Having read about the ability to use TrueType fonts on the X
Shlomi> Window System, which I do on Linux, I am interested in the
Shlomi> other way round.

The BDF format fonts can be converted to such formats as ttf (bitmap
only, no outlines of course) or fon. I am not, however, aware of any
utility intended for that conversion.

That said, a font editor like pfaedit¹ should be able to do the

Also, if you install freetype² I beleive it can provide transparent
access to any font format, including bdf and pcf, that it supports.
You should read up on its windows support, though; I'm only familiar
with using it on unix.


¹ and

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