Logical_Order_Exception actually means Phonetic_Order_Exception ?

From: Samphan Raruenrom (samphan@thai.com)
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 01:00:09 EDT

The definition of this newly introduced property in Unicode 3.2 :-
**** http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr28/#database

There are a small number of characters (in the Thai and Lao scripts)
that do not use logical order. These characters require special handling
in most processing.

The difinition of Logical Order :-
**** The Unicode Standard 3.0 : Section 2.2 Unicode Design Principles

Logical Order:
For "ALL" scripts, Unicode text is stored in 'logical order' in the
memory representation, roughly corresponing to the order in which
text is typed in via the keyboard.
For the most part, logical order corresponds to 'phonetic order'.
The only current exceptions are the Thai and Lao scripts, which
employ visual ordering; in these two scripts, users traditionnally
type in visual order rather than phonetic order.


ALL scripts in Unicode are stored in 'logical order'. For the most
part, logical order corresponds to 'phonetic order'. The only
exceptions are Thai and Lao.
Do you think that Logical_Order_Exception should actually be called

8<- References --------------------------------------------------->8

The followings are the only Logical_Order_Excention in Unicode 3.2 :-

0E40..0E44 ; Logical_Order_Exception # Lo [5] THAI CHARACTER SARA E
0EC0..0EC4 ; Logical_Order_Exception # Lo [5] LAO VOWEL SIGN E
                .. LAO VOWEL SIGN AI

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