Re: Header Reply-To

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 14:11:17 EST

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    Thomas Lotze <> wrote on 2002-11-02 00:56:14 -0800:

    > Hi,
    > is there a reason mails from the Unicode list don't have a Reply-To
    > header pointing to Sorry to those who have received
    > private mail from me which was actually meant for the list...
    > Cheers, Thomas

    For what it's worth... an explanation. The mail server takes about 3
    seconds (wall time) to receive a message and blast it out to the whole
    list. Reply-to, if present in a list message and interpreted by a broken
    sender -- e.g., a dumb vacation program or invalid account reply or some
    such bounce message -- can result in huge snarling mail loops that
    inconvenience hundreds or thousands of users and clog the server. Such
    things have happened before, historically, when this list did have a
    Reply-to header that went to the list. If some human isn't monitoring the
    list in real-time when such a situation occurs, it can result in hundreds
    or thousands of looping messages to the list within a matter of an hour. In
    the past this has resulted in pretty wild traffic jams on several
    occasions, and more than once it has taken more than a day to cleanse the
    loops and return traffic to normal.

    We don't do that any more.


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