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Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 11:26:08 EST

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    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Call for Papers! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

               Fourteenth European TeX Conference (EuroTeX'2003)
                             "Back to Typography"
                              June 24-27th, 2003
                            Brest, Brittany, France

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Send in your submission now! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

                              Electronic Documents
                              Digital Typography
          Typographical Heritage and its Survival in the Computer Era
                      Book Design and Production Process
                         Font Technologies and Design
                  Document Internationalization and Exchange
                               and, of course...
           TeX, NTS, Omega, Metafont/Metapost, LaTeX, ConTeXt, etc.


                       Submissions due: January 7, 2003
                      Notification date: January 31, 2003
                     Completed papers due: March 15, 2003


    EuroTeX Conferences have been held every year (since 1987) in a different
    European country: previous conferences have taken place in Karlsruhe
    (Germany), Cork (Ireland), Paris (France), Praha (Czech Republic),
    Birmingham (UK), Gdansk (Poland), Arnhem (The Netherlands), Moscow
    (Russia), Saint-Malo (France), Heidelberg (Germany), Oxford (UK),
    Kerkrade (The Netherlands), Bachotek (Poland).

    In 2003, the EuroTeX will be organized in Brest (Brittany, France), by
    ENST de Bretagne.

    As in past EuroTeX conferences, we welcome papers on novel uses of TeX
    and its friends and successors. This year, however, we would like to
    focus in particular on the general themes of electronic documents,
    digital typography, the typographical heritage and its survival in the
    computer age, book design and production process, font technologies and
    design, document internationalization and exchange, etc.

    We invite you to submit papers that relate to any of these themes. Talks
    will be held in English, but articles for the Proceedings can be in any
    European language. The proceedings of the conference will be published in
    the TUGboat journal, before the fall of 2003.

    To submit a paper, please send an abstract (10-20 lines) to the address:


                           before January 7, 2003.



    The Conference Program will provide a wide range of sessions including:
    - Presentations (30-45 minutes)
    - Workshops/Tutorials (3 or 6 hours)
    - BOFs and Panel sessions


                               Exhibit Opportunities

    The Conference will have an Exhibition area for companies or individuals
    who wish to display and promote their products, technology and/or services.

    Every effort will be made to provide maximum exposure and advertising.

    Exhibit space is limited. For further information or to reserve a place,
    please contact the organizing committee.


                                Important Dates

                    Jan, 7 2003: send in abstract for paper
               Jan, 31 2003: notification of acceptance of paper
               March, 15 2003: send first version of full paper
                May, 15 2003: send final version of full paper
                 June, 24-27 2003: EuroTeX conference in Brest


                              Programme Committee

                         Jacques André (IRISA, Rennes)
                            Hans Hagen (Pragma ADE)
                     Yannis Haralambous (ENST de Bretagne)
                   Alan Hoenig (City University of New York)
                       Ronan Keryell (ENST de Bretagne)
                         Frank Mittelbach (EDS, Mainz)
                          John Plaice (UNSW, Sydney)
                    Sebastian Rahtz (Oxford University CS)
                    Chris Rowley (Open University, London)
                  David Salomon (California State University)
                     Petr Sojka (Masaryk University, Brno)


                             Organizing Committee

                         Odile Ely (ENST de Bretagne)
                     Yannis Haralambous (ENST de Bretagne)
                      Ioannis Kanellos (ENST de Bretagne)
                       Ronan Keryell (ENST de Bretagne)
                    Anne-Marie L'Hostis (ENST de Bretagne)
                    Jean-François Mercel (ENST de Bretagne)
                    Maria-Tereza Segarra (ENST de Bretagne)


                               E-mail Newsletter

    To be kept informed on the EuroTeX'2003 conference, please subscribe to
    our (low-traffic) newsletter by sending the following message:

                SUBSCRIBE eurotex2003 Your name and affiliation

                                to the address:



                              Further Information

                   Secrétariat de la conférence EuroTeX'2003
                   Département Informatique - ENST Bretagne
                          BP 832, 29285 BREST, France
                          Tel. : +33 (0)2 29 00 14 27
                          Fax : +33 (0)2 29 00 12 82

    The Web page of the conference ( will
    provide information about travel, climate, etc. We will inform you on any
    change of this Web page, on the mailing list eurotex2003 (see above).

                               Venez nombreux !


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