Re: Entering Plane 1 characters in XP

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Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 11:10:30 EST

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    XP requires the registry change as well.

    I haven't played with the alt-nnnnn for surrogates so can't help with


    "David J. Perry" wrote:
    > In Windows 2000 it was necessary to adjust a registry entry to enable
    > support for surrogates, which were disabled by default. What's the
    > situation with XP? I looked on the Microsoft developers web site but it
    > seems to be the same information as I saw when I was dealing with
    > Win2000 with no updates. (One of the pages references Unicode 2.0 . .
    > .)
    > I did some tests and found that I can get characters outside the BMP in
    > WordPad under XP and in Word XP by typing the Unicode scalar value
    > followed by Alt-x; I don't recall ever changing any registry settings,
    > but has been a while since I upgarded from Win2000 to XP.
    > So am I correct in saying that, under XP, 1) no need to change registry
    > and 2) the Win200 method of typing two surrogates has been replaced by
    > typing the single scalar value plus Alt-x?
    > Thanks - David

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