Entering Plane 1 characters in XP

From: David J. Perry (perryd@telocity.com)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 10:47:02 EST

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    In Windows 2000 it was necessary to adjust a registry entry to enable
    support for surrogates, which were disabled by default. What's the
    situation with XP? I looked on the Microsoft developers web site but it
    seems to be the same information as I saw when I was dealing with
    Win2000 with no updates. (One of the pages references Unicode 2.0 . .

    I did some tests and found that I can get characters outside the BMP in
    WordPad under XP and in Word XP by typing the Unicode scalar value
    followed by Alt-x; I don't recall ever changing any registry settings,
    but has been a while since I upgarded from Win2000 to XP.

    So am I correct in saying that, under XP, 1) no need to change registry
    and 2) the Win200 method of typing two surrogates has been replaced by
    typing the single scalar value plus Alt-x?

    Thanks - David

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