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From: Tex Texin (tex@i18nguy.com)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 17:58:46 EST

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    I have modified my windows settings for surrogates page to include the
    new information.
    Consider it a draft for a day or two.

    I would be grateful for any constructive review comments and the usual
    comical abuse.
    The page is at:


    I don't have any more time today, but if I had recommendations for
    (lists of) IMEs and Fonts that support planes other than the BMP,
    it might be nice to have a collection point and web page for them.

    Much thanks to John McConnell for the clarifications and new info.

    Hmmm. I just reviewed Andrew's comment that he can get support for
    surrogates via uniscribe on windows 9x.
    I guess I have to think about extending this to include those systems. I
    guess if I get confirmation (or disconfirmation) from John or other
    Microsofties I will update the page accordingly.


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