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From: Christoph Päper (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 11:38:10 EST

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    I've checked the existing chars,
    <> and this year's thread titles
    of this mailing list, but didn't find characters to represent UI controls of
    media devices (or a proposal for including them for that matter) mentioned.

    · play (forward): right pointing filled triangle, ">",
    · play reverse (backward): left pointing filled triangle, "<",
    · fast forward: two right pointing triangles or angles, "»",
    · fast backward: two left pointing triangles or angles, "«",
    · jump forward (next [mark]): the signs in fast forward (or just one)
           and a vertical bar right of it, "»|" or ">|",
    · jump backward (previous [mark]): the signs in fast rewind (or just one)
           and a vertical bar left of it, "|«" or "|<",
    · skip forward (next [item]): a single one of the signs in
           fast forward and a vertical bar right (or left) of it, ">|" or "|>",
    · skip backward (previous [item]): a single one of the signs in
           fast rewind and a vertical bar left (or right) of it, "|<" or "<|",
    · stop: filled square, "#",
    · pause: two parallel vertical bars, "||",
    · record: filled circle, "o",
    · eject (open/close): up pointing triangle with horizontal bar below, "_^",
           (actually there's U+23CF proposed and accepted,
            but I didn't find a sample rendition).

    (I maybe confused skip and jump.)

    [less likely:
    · insert mark,
    · delete mark,
    · repeat (generic): a circled arrow,
    · repeat all,
    · repeat single,
    · repeat selection,
    · shuffle,
    · mute: lined-through ear or speaker symbol,
    · volume up: up or right arrow or triangle and/or plus sign,
    · volume down: down or left arrow or triangle and/or minus sign,
    · on/off: a (open) circle and a bar coming out of it
          (vertically or horizontally) -- there're several variants,
    · menu, ...

    which I'd expect for instance at U+2690 ff.

    There're current chars, that look a little bit like some of these, but
    neither cumulated at one point nor all of them nor exactly like expected.
    One might argue these aren't "real" characters, but neither are all of
    Dingbats and many others. I can see a use for them in plain text user
    interfaces, be it an OSD or small LCD, and in documentation of such.

    I'm pretty sure I had a symbol font (TTF) once featuring most of them, but
    cannot find it anymore.

    Are those characters already somewhere in Unicode and I simply missed them
    or is there a good reason they've neither been proposed nor included yet?

    Christoph Päper

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