Re: Media UI Symbols

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 12:54:10 EST

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    Christoph Päper wrote:
    > Moin,

    Selber moin :-)

    > I've checked the existing chars,
    > <> and this year's thread titles
    > of this mailing list, but didn't find characters to represent UI controls of
    > media devices (or a proposal for including them for that matter) mentioned.

    U+25B8, U+25BA, ...

    > There're current chars, that look a little bit like some of these, but
    > neither cumulated at one point nor all of them nor exactly like expected.

    "Cumulation" is not necessary for characters to be useful for related purposes.

    Fonts have considerable freedom to use different shapes than what the Unicode charts show, for as
    long as the identity of the character is not obscured.

    > One might argue these aren't "real" characters, but neither are all of
    > Dingbats and many others. I can see a use for them in plain text user
    > interfaces, be it an OSD or small LCD, and in documentation of such.

    In my very personal opinion, these go beyond what should be in Unicode and are only justified for
    compatibility with pre-existing (pre 1992) character sets. Symbols and logos should be displayed
    using icons and other pictures.
    The example of the new eject symbol shows that not everyone agrees.


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