Re: Speaking plane1-ly

From: Tom Gewecke (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 12:57:46 EST

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    >On 11/11/2002 04:58:46 PM Tex Texin wrote:
    >>I don't have any more time today, but if I had recommendations for
    >>(lists of) IMEs and Fonts that support planes other than the BMP...
    >I know MS has one font with plane 2 ideographs, and James Kass has his Code
    >2001 font with at least some supplementary-plane characters. Those are the
    >only ones I know of so far.

    My list of fonts with characters beyond the BMP:

    Hiragino Pro (Mac OS X)
    Simsun (Founder Extended)

    >As for input methods, the only thing I know of is that Tavultesoft Keyman
    >can be used to create IMs that enter *any* Unicode character, assuming apps
    >that are capable of accepting them.

    The XML keylayout files in Mac OS X can be easily edited to input any
    Unicode codepoint in any Plane.

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