Re: IBM AIX 5 and GB18030

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 12:03:45 EST

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    Jane Liu wrote:
    > That may mean IBM AIX 5 support converison between GB18030 and
    > Unicode, but I don't see this is a system level of support because
    > there is no locale names for GB18030 in the doc of AIX 5 :

    The GB 18030 standard requires software to be able to _read and write_ text in the GB18030 charset,
    and to process all of the characters that it has - or at least the ones that the Chinese
    certification test includes.

    The standard does _not_ require to _process_ internally in GB18030. It is sufficient to have a
    converter and to process in Unicode, which does contain all of the characters. This is because
    GB18030 is defined in terms of GB 13000=ISO 10646=Unicode (these are equal in terms of their coded
    character sets but Unicode adds what to do with characters).

    So if you are able to convert between GB18030 and Unicode, and you process in Unicode (UTF-8/16/32
    as you wish), then that's all you need. In other words, you can safely write your software based
    internally always on Unicode support, as is recommended for all languages anyway.

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