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From: Jane Liu (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 13:30:14 EST

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    I think only "converter" is not sufficient. How about the following
    support :
    - IME (to input CJK Ext.A characters through GB18030/Unicode code)
    - X-Windows fonts support.
    - iconv support
    - mbtowc(), mbstowcs(), mblen()...
    - and so on...

    You need be able to do like what you can do on Solaris and HP "setenv
    LANG zh_CN.GB18030" to enable those support.

    The conveter mentioned on the Web site you fond to me is just a


    --- Markus Scherer <> wrote:
    > Jane Liu wrote:
    > > That may mean IBM AIX 5 support converison between GB18030 and
    > > Unicode, but I don't see this is a system level of support
    > because
    > > there is no locale names for GB18030 in the doc of AIX 5 :
    > The GB 18030 standard requires software to be able to _read and
    > write_ text in the GB18030 charset,
    > and to process all of the characters that it has - or at least the
    > ones that the Chinese
    > certification test includes.
    > The standard does _not_ require to _process_ internally in GB18030.
    > It is sufficient to have a
    > converter and to process in Unicode, which does contain all of the
    > characters. This is because
    > GB18030 is defined in terms of GB 13000=ISO 10646=Unicode (these
    > are equal in terms of their coded
    > character sets but Unicode adds what to do with characters).
    > So if you are able to convert between GB18030 and Unicode, and you
    > process in Unicode (UTF-8/16/32
    > as you wish), then that's all you need. In other words, you can
    > safely write your software based
    > internally always on Unicode support, as is recommended for all
    > languages anyway.
    > Best regards,
    > markus
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