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Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 12:04:38 EST

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    Jane, you are right, I over-simplified. I tried to make the point that you need not _process_ text
    in GB18030 but that Unicode processing and conversion to/from GB18030 fulfills the requirement to be
    able to read and write GB18030 text.

    Yes, you need to have font support for all the characters that China tests, and there might be IME
    requirements, too. I am not familiar with the actual certification tests. However, as far as I
    understand, China tests visible behavior, not implementation details. If you can
    read/write/input/output/display the required set of GB18030 characters, then you pass. For more
    details please contact your Chinese subsidiary or the Chinese authorities.

    Jane Liu wrote:
    > I think only "converter" is not sufficient. How about the following
    > support :
    > - IME (to input CJK Ext.A characters through GB18030/Unicode code)


    > - X-Windows fonts support.

    Some font support, not necessarily X-Window fonts - however you manage to display the required

    > - iconv support
    > - mbtowc(), mbstowcs()

    These are all flavors of converter APIs.

    > , mblen()...
    > - and so on...

    These are processing functions. If you process Unicode internally, then you use Unicode equivalents
    of them.

    > You need be able to do like what you can do on Solaris and HP "setenv
    > LANG zh_CN.GB18030" to enable those support.

    zh_CN.UTF-8 should suffice, as explained.

    > The conveter mentioned on the Web site you fond to me is just a
    > utility.

    My understanding is that that converter would update iconv. I do not know the details of this AIX
    fix however.

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