RE: Errors in the Indic FAQ

From: Andy White (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 16:33:39 EST

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    >A less-than-elegant solution, perhaps, to get the display to look like
    the result in kutsit.gif (from the page linked above) is to encode: KA +

    To make it clear,
    I am not referring to any particular rendering mechanism (inc. MS's).
    If you look through a Bengali Dictionary I doubt that you will find a
    single occurrence of Ta with a visible Virama, khandata is always used.

    So in general,
    My proposal suggests that Ta+VIRAMA should be rendered as KHANTATA as
    the norm. (The Halant form)
    If a following letter naturally legates with Ta, then let the conjunct
    form be displayed
    Exceptions should be treated as such. So for sequences that need
    khandaTa to be displayed (as apposed to a conjunct form such as in the
    word kutsit), let's stop Ta and Sa from being joined with a ZWNJ.
    Finally, let the behaviour of ZWJ be as stated in the standard i.e. for
    the formation of a half form (the half form could be ta.virama,
    ta.khanda or whatever a font designer thinks is right for a halfTa).


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