Re: Designing Vietnamese diacritics

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 20:52:38 EST

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    At 14:05 -0800 2002-11-17, John Hudson wrote:
    >And yet one more thing:
    >The underdot (low glottalised tone), when applied to the lowercase
    >y, should sit just slightly to the right of the descending stroke,
    >far enough under the right side of the letter to make it clear that
    >the dot is below and not to the side of the letter. Clearly, this
    >would be impossible in designs that have a straight right side
    >descending y (e.g. the Bremer Presse roman). I don't know what to
    >suggest for such cases other than to avoid such designs when making
    >typefaces for Vietnamese.

    If the glyph precludes right positioning I guess one would have no
    choice but to use left positioning.

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