Re: Designing Vietnamese diacritics

From: John Hudson (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 21:57:51 EST

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    At 17:52 11/17/2002, Michael Everson wrote:

    >At 14:05 -0800 2002-11-17, John Hudson wrote:
    >>The underdot (low glottalised tone), when applied to the lowercase y,
    >>should sit just slightly to the right of the descending stroke, far
    >>enough under the right side of the letter to make it clear that the dot
    >>is below and not to the side of the letter. Clearly, this would be
    >>impossible in designs that have a straight right side descending y (e.g.
    >>the Bremer Presse roman). I don't know what to suggest for such cases
    >>other than to avoid such designs when making typefaces for Vietnamese.
    >If the glyph precludes right positioning I guess one would have no choice
    >but to use left positioning.

    This might work for the rather peculiar Bremer Press y, but I was thinking
    also of designs in which the y resembles a 'u' with the lower hook of the
    kind of single-loop 'g' that one sees in, for example, Helvetica and Arial.
    In this case, there is no room on left or right, since the descender is
    almost symetrical. This style of y derives from blackletter types, and is
    uncommon, so I don't expect this will be a 'live issue' for many people.
    Mind you, I've seen fraktur Ethiopic, so why not Vietnamese?

    John Hudson

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