RE: Errors in the Indic FAQ

From: Andy White (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 10:32:12 EST

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    Further more:
    1. A coded Ta+Virama+C1+VowelSign, has the same semantic as a rendered Ta_Virama_C1 VowelSign
    which has the same semantic as a Ta_C1.ligatue VowelSign
    which has the same semantic as a HalfTa C1 VowelSign.
    Vowels should be reordered around the whole of the above representations as necessary.
    Therefore the above sequences can be coded as either Ta virama C1 or Ta virama ZWJ C1 as appropriate.

    2. A coded Ta Virama without a following vowel has the same semantics as both as a rendered Ta_Virama and a khandata.
    Therefore can be coded as Ta+Virama or Ta Virama ZWNJ as appropriate.

    When the sequence, khandaTa+C1+VowelSign occurs, vowels should be reordered only around the C1
    Hence the exception needs to be marked.

    If kandata is marked by a ZWNJ, both condition 1 & 1 can be maintained.
    If kandata is marked by a ZWJ, condition 1 will fail.
    Hence the best solution is to mark khandata with a ZWNJ.

    Form 2. you can see that khandata has the same samantics as explicit Ta_Virama, and so can be treated the same way, i.e. explicitly coded as Ta+Virama+ZWNJ.


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