ATSUI for MacOS9

From: Theodore H. Smith (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 10:33:22 EST

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    Hi list,

    I hope ATSUI questions are allowed. ATSUI involves drawing of Unicode
    text on screen or into off-screen graphics buffers.

    I'd like to know if ATSUI can be used for MacOS9. The ATSUI demo for
    OSX works perfectly, but the ATSUI demo for OS9, can't do horizontal
    hit testing. :o(

    Why not? Is this a bug in the demo, or a bug in ATSUI for OS9? Does
    ATSUI for Carbon on OS9 work if ATSUI for Classic OS9 doesn't?

    If anyone knows ATSUI well, could you please contact me so I can ask a
    few more questions? Thanks a lot.

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