RE: Errors in the Indic FAQ

From: Andy White (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 11:18:07 EST

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    > (II).
    > Occurrence of Ta Virama.
    > Although I haven't been able to locate the Ta Virama
    > displayed in a Bengali dictionary, but I see it being used
    > for a few words in an Assamese dictionary. Eg.
    > TaT: (Ta Ta Halant) Leisure, rest
    > TaTHeRaA: (Ta Ta Halant Ha vowel.E Ra Vowel.Aa) to be confounded
    > TaTKaR: (Ta Ta Halant Ka Ra) to perceive
    > The dictionary is printed using metal-type and it's possible
    > that the typesetter ran out of khandaTa's for this page. But,
    > the use of Ta Virama is still possible even if it is just to
    > fill a space where a khandaTa should have been used instead.

    AFAIK spelling has not been standardised in Assamese, so the typesetter
    is free to substitute khandatas with ta viramas as he sees fit. This is
    why I recommend (especially in Assamese) that in a font, halfTa should
    have the appearance of ta_virama. Reordering is not an issue in this
    case as halfTa+C1 has the some semantics as a TaC1.conjunct. Also note
    that the sequence halfTa+VowelSign never occurs (its invalid).


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