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From: Jim Allan (
Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 15:45:03 EST

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    Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin posted:

    > Note that a more or less correct (content) display of the morse symbols
    > depends on the typeface used (presentation), and probably this should
    > not be so.

    Normally Morse code appears in text through a cypher font containing
    complete sets of dots and dashes corresponding to particular letters and

    The same is usually true of barcodes, when not drawn directly by graphic
    routines. That is, one uses a font in which the sets of white and black
    bars of different thicknesses corresponding to any particular character
    is coded as that character.

    I have never seen a barcode font or Morse font encoding individually the
    various widths of black and space that make up the respective codes.

    I would suppose the coding in Unicode of Braille glyphs disassociated
    from their meaning came from particular requests to allow the
    association between character and braille pattern, which varies in
    different languages, to be done at a higher level if desired, distinct
    from Baille fonts which encode the characters according to their

    One might imagine a simlar desire from those using Morse code: coding of
    primitive Morse symbols (Morse space, Morse dot, and Morse dash) to be
    used for automatic general of Morse codes over a wire or by radio though
    a device that recognized those symbols, with the actual assignment of
    the patterns to letters done though a higher level table.

    One might imagine similar assignments in Unicode for various widths of
    barcode lines and spaces.

    But is there actually any demand for this, which would be indicated by
    any fonts of this kind that anyone has created.

    Jim Allan

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