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From: Barry Caplan (
Date: Fri Nov 22 2002 - 16:23:29 EST

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    I met these guys at a trade show a couple of years ago and without know about this claim to fame ended up discussing internationalized URLs. IIRC they mentioned something about a patent. I just assume that whatever working groups are standardizing international DNS are working around it.

    Barry Caplan

    At 08:24 PM 11/22/2002 +0000, Michael Everson wrote:
    >Can there possibly be any truth in any of this?
    >>The following is an article in the Danish paper Information:
    >>Do you know anything about this. It is supposedly the company Walid
    >>( that has patented the transformation of non-a-z for
    >>use in URLs.
    >>An article in CumputerWorld (admittedly a year and a half old) -
    >>,10801,59043,00.html - has some references, among other things to the text of the patent.
    >>The Danish site has it also: It is quite new there. Is this
    >>whole thing just "hoax"?
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