Arabic lam-alef ligature in vocalized texts

From: Amélie DELTOUR (
Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 03:34:01 EST

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    How should the LAM-ALEF ligature be vocalized in Arabic according to
    In texts on the Internet, I find the codes in the following order for
    instance: "U+0644 U+0627 U+064E" (LAM-ALEF-FATHA). The logical order
    would rather be LAM-FATHA-ALEF.
    The problem is that if the LAM-FATHA-ALEF order is used, then the
    LAM-ALEF ligature is not recognized in common display programs (IE, NS6
    or MS Word).
    If I understand the Unicode Standard well, the FATHA should be treated
    as a "transparent character" and should not disturb the representation
    of the LAM-ALEF ligature. In that case, it would only be an
    implementation problem of the display programs...
    However, I can notice that on the Internet, in vocalized texts (Quran,
    Bible) the LAM-ALEF ligature is most often bad vocalized : the diacritic
    mark is before the ligature, or after, or in most cases is not there at
    all (in particular in the case of "li + alef-hamza") - which is quite
    Can someone tell me more about this?


    (Sorry if the issue has already been submitted to the list - I couldn't
    find the answer to my question in the archive)

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