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Date: Wed Nov 27 2002 - 08:32:27 EST

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    I lived in Chuvashia for 18 months and I can guarantee that the usual
    glyph for U+04AB uses a typical latin-like cedilla -- quite like the
    hook present in U+04C4, U+04C8, U+04A7 and (especially) U+0499 -- and
    not the ogonek-like hook used (f.i.) by Arial Unicode MS.

    Actually, they use typically rather an U+00E7 (latin c-cedilla), both
    in modern computer set texts (swapping codepages to and fro Latin1)
    and in older media, back to lead typography. (And this reminds me of
    something quite interesting about cyrillic breves -- stay tuned! :-)

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