RE: ISO 10646 compliance and EU law

From: Lars Kristan (
Date: Fri Dec 31 2004 - 06:23:08 CST

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    Peter Kirk wrote:
    > On 27/12/2004 10:15, Antoine Leca wrote:
    > > ...
    > >
    > >In a few years from now, when Bulgaria will join the EMU, we
    > will see if
    > >they (Bulgarian) will choose ЕВРО or ЕУРО for the name of
    > the currency. And
    > >in the latter case, if we should modify the notes to include one more
    > >spelling (according to Unicode/10646, ЕУРО is very different
    > to ΕΥΡΟ) even
    > >if they look like very similar...
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > The form ЕВРО is already in widespread use in Bulgaria, as shown in a
    > large number of Bulgarian websites including that of the Bulgarian
    > National Bank. I also found a very few websites with the form
    > ЕУРО. But
    > I think it is clear which will be preferred.

    I am not sure it is as simple as that. AFAIK, EU is trying to enforce some
    rules about the Euro spelling. Namely, they want it to always start with
    "EURO" even if a certain country uses different suffixes in declensions.
    This breaks two rules in Slovenian language, one is that V should be used
    instead of U and that for example 2 Euro is spelled 2 Evra, which doesn't
    preserve all four letters (regardless of V vs. U). I don't know what are the
    latest developments but it looks like some new members will use one form in
    their everyday life and another when communicating with EU.

    Similarly, I suppose EU might be wanting Bulgaria to use ЕУРО, since it
    transliterates to EURO, while ЕВРО transliterates to EVRO.


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