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Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 21:07:20 CDT

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    > >The information is there, in the data for cursor positioning data in the
    >>GPOS data for ligatures in the font.
    > Hmm.. that's an interesting point. Although I did a little experiment and
    > cursor positioning data does not seem to give a reliable estimate as to
    > where the component character boundaries may lie within a ligature.

    > Do you know in what form this cursor positioning data is stored within the
    > font file? Is it basically an x-coordinate for where the cursor should be
    > positioned within the glyph?

    Yes and yes. However, it's in the GDEF table, not the GPOS table (faulty
    memory). For details, see , especially Examples 4
    to 6. A font does not have to contain this data - if it is absent, the
    glyph will just be chopped up into portions of equal length. I think that
    is what has happened in your examples. I believe a y-value would be for
    vertical writing.


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