Re: Szekler Hungarian Rovas (or: Old Hungarian Runes)

From: Joó Ádám (
Date: Sat Nov 01 2008 - 11:18:54 CST

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    > They have neither deep knowledge about rovás, nor about Unicode or encoding. I'm sure that not one read the 106 pages document of HG.

    Which is, to be added, monolingual, nevertheless one of his main
    arguments against us was that Old Hungarian must be discussed in

    Did they read our (bilingual) proposal? Do they know the alternative?
    I would doubt that Hosszú Gábor had show them. And I can only hope
    that he hadn't "tell" them what it contains, considering his regular
    practice of, at least, liberally interpret and present its contents to
    wide audiences…

    However, you can bet on that most, probably no one of them had ever
    heard of the UCS before, most of them neither use Old Hungarian.
    Encoding is not a business which belongs to fobb, incompetent

    Interestingly, neither of us were invited, to participate in these
    events, having the chance to defend our standpoint, explain our
    proposal. How interesting.


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