Quick Question About Korean Input Methods

From: Ed Trager (ed.trager@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 01 2010 - 13:04:55 CST

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    Hi, everyone,

    I have a quick and simple question about Korean input methods (IM):
    I'm sure someone on this list can tell me the answer.

    As we know, Korean Hangul syllables can be decomposed into [I]nitial
    consonant, [M]edial vowel, and [F]inal consonant jamos.

    Some syllables however end with a vowel, so there is no final
    consonant. For example, the last syllable of the word "kimchee" (김치)
    ends in the vowel "i" (ㅣ). Since the vowel "ㅣ" is at the end of a
    word, when I use a Korean IM on a computer and type a SPACE character
    after the vowel "ㅣ", the computer automatically knows to convert the
    two jamos " ㅊ ㅣ " into the precomposed syllable "치".

    However, what if a syllable like "치" appears in the middle of a word?
    How does one type the HANGUL FILLER (or some other "separator"
    character if HANGUL FILLER is not what is used) to tell the IM engine
    that I'm done with that syllable?

    In other words, what key do I press on the keyboard to "finish" a
    syllable that consists of only [I]nitial+[M]edial forms?

    On a separate note, Happy New Years everyone!

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