Re: Latin-script keyboard layout (was RE: Quick Question About Korean Input Methods)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sun Jan 03 2010 - 15:23:37 CST

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    Den 2010-01-03 22.01, skrev "Karl Pentzlin" <>:

    > Please have a look at:
    > The revision of ISO/IEC 9995-3 is now in the FDIS ballot stage and thus
    > stable.
    > It tries to be a compromise between required compatibility to older standards
    > and being intuitive as far as possible for an audience as large as possible.
    > DE> 4. can be implemented using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (no more
    > DE> than 4 shift states; Ctrl+char is not useful)
    > "4 shift states" is not compatible with the group/level concept of

    I'm surprised that the new draft standard does not have 4 levels but sticks
    with the outdated 3 levels the old version had...

    And (still, though changed) the "common second group". Thanks, but no

        /kent k

    > ISO/IEC 9995 which has successful implementations in several keyboard
    > standards in different countries. There are three levels which usually
    > are recognized as shift states (the third one is commonly invoked by
    > the AltGr key, if one is present, or by Ctrl+Alt), and usually one or
    > two groups.
    > Ctrl+char is not used anyway in this concept.
    > Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (V1.4) is definitely an outdated tool.
    > - Karl

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