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Date: Sat Jan 23 2010 - 15:34:15 CST

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    That question cannot be answered, because the term "character" can be
    interpreted in many different ways. (As can "code" - I assume you mean code
    point and not code unit.)

    There are long discussions of this in the Unicode Standard, chapters 1 and
    2, in UAX 29, and in the FAQs, which I suggest you read.

    In particular, by one interpretation, character = code point, and the answer
    is 1.

    By other interpretations, it is not limited, but in practice you wouldn't
    find sequences of code points of more than say half a dozen being usefully
    considered 'characters'. But see UAX 29 for more information.


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    > Hello,
    > What is the maximum number of codes, if any?, that together compose a
    > single character?
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    > is really pertinent.
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