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From: Chris Fynn (
Date: Sat Jan 23 2010 - 18:31:17 CST

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    spir wrote:

    > Hello,

    > What is the maximum number of codes, if any?, that together compose a single character?

    > Denis

    > PS: stole the word "stack" from Find is really pertinent.

    In Tibetan and Ranjana scripts there is a well known grapheme cluster or
    vertical stack (HAKṢHMALAWARAYAṀ) which consists of nine characters that
    stack vertically:

    ཧྐྵྨླྺྼྻྂ U+0F67 U+0F90 U+0FB5 U+0FA8 U+0FB3 U+0FBA U+0FBC U+0FBB U+0F82

    It is likely that there exist a few combinations even longer.

    - Chris

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