Re: Medievalist ligature character in the PUA

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Date: Wed Jan 27 2010 - 02:34:56 CST

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    Am 27.01.2010 15:49, schrieb Werner LEMBERG:
    > . The difference between `s' and `ſ' helps much in the comprehension
    > German, especially in identifying the boarders of components in
    > compound words. For example, the famous `Wachstube' problem
    > (either Wachs-tube or Wach-stube) doesn't exist if you use `ſ':
    > Wachſtube -> Wach-Stube
    > Wachstube -> Wachs-Tube
    > Of course, this only works with Fraktur since there the use of `ſ'
    > is mandatory.
    Well, but why always this example? I didn’t come across any other
    example. And usually the context helps, so it is no problem if
    Wachsstube is written the same.
    Apart from that, I think Wachſtube is not really a contemporary word
    anymore (or only in certain contexts... I can’t remember when I saw this
    word in an ordinary text).

    But I think Fraktur has a much higher disadvantage: I and J look the
    same. This may not pose a problem for German, but what if you have
    foreign loan words (ok, they are not written in Fraktur, but foreign
    names are written in Fraktur)? There can be some problem, especially if
    their usage of J is like in English and is not close to the I, as in German.

    As to the Nazi argument:
    Well, it doesn’t change public opinion, even if it is not a “Nazi font”.
    If the media promotes it like that, most people will think of it like that.


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