Radical index - probably off topic

From: jandersen@talentex.co.uk
Date: Wed Jan 27 2010 - 23:54:05 CST

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    Hi everybody,

    This is my first post, and I'm afraid it really is outside what is
    normally discussed here, but I think people on this list may be in the
    best position to answer my question; or if not, perhaps somebody knows
    where I should go and ask?

    As a keen amateur student of Chinese, I increasingly feel the need to
    have a proper, computerized radical index - but as far as I am aware,
    there aren't any. Most PC modern dictionaries are designed for native
    speakers of Chinese, reasonably enough, and of course if one reads a
    Chinese text on screen, the problem goes away. However, I find that I
    most often want to read printed materials, and it is cumbersome to
    balance a comprehensive, radical-indexed dictionary on my knees when I
    read (apart from the fact that there aren't that many around).

    The reason I put this to the Unicode list is that one can download a
    radical index as a PDF file from unicode.org, so somebody has already
    made the electronic version of the index. My question is, then: Is it
    possible to get a copy of this index in a form that I could load into a
    database, for example - something like a comma seperated list with
    number of radical strokes, radical number, number of remaining strokes
    and unicode character?


    J Andersen.

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