Transform for Hans with multiple pronunciations

From: Zhen-jun Zhuo (
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 22:12:30 CST

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    I'm using the ICU transform demo from:

    I found it can only show one Latin result for each Han character, actually
    some Han characters depend on their usage or position have
    multi-pronunciations, so they should have multi transforms in Latin

    For example: 行(\u884c) can be "háng" or "xíng"
    银行(means "Bank"), it should has Latin transform as “yín háng"
    自行车(means “Bicycle"), it should has Latin transform as “zì xíng chē"

    But for now, the demo page can only show Latin transform of 行 as xíng,

    Anyone knows this problem?


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