Re: A question about "user areas"

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2010 - 10:24:38 CDT

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    > From: Doug Ewell (
    > > I'm not sure how much longer we should continue to wait for Tengwar and
    > > Cirth.
    > I hear Michael talking about meeting with the Tokeinists every once in a while, so I can only assume that it is proceeding in some way.

    I thought they should be Tolkienists, not Tokeinists (or may be I
    don't know this alternate term...).

    But the CSUR ConScript registry (and not SIL for
    living/extinct/endangered languages/scripts) or MUFI (for
    medievalists) is certainly a good place to coordinate the PUAs for
    them (and they are certainly within the most valuable scripts for CSUR

    Anyway, most existing supporters of Tengwar and Cirth (also
    Klingonists) still use some transliteration (most often Latin,
    possibly augmented with diacritics and with additional letters
    borrowed from IPA; some others are using Indic scripts) for the
    associated constructed languages.


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