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From: Shawn Steele (
Date: Wed Jun 02 2010 - 11:44:22 CDT

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    > Anyway, most existing supporters of Tengwar and Cirth (also
    > Klingonists) still use some transliteration

    Transliterateability shouldn't be a factor, many of the scripts in Unicode have been transliterated (like Latin). Perhaps if it was only transliterated and the script was never used (but then we wouldn't have this conversation if the script was never used).

    And, (and I really don't want to borrow from "that other" thread, but), Emoji certainly were constructed characters (I can't even call it a constructed script) :) A difference would seem to be who is doing the adoption of the glyphs. (Teenagers vs. sci-fi/fantasy geeks, and misguided cell-phone marketers trying to get more market share vs. geeks trying to have fun). I dare suggest that many of the characters encoded in Unicode, even recently, are, in practice, used less than these 3 scripts.

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