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From: Mark Crispin (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2010 - 15:26:25 CDT

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    I, too, have a considerable affection for octal; and can add, subtract,
    multiply, and (with a bit of effort) divide in octal.

    Sadly, octal is an inferior choice to hexadecimal on octet-oriented
    machines. So, until the day comes when the world comes to its senses and
    recognizes that the nonet is the superior byte size, and real computers
    have 36 and 72 bit words, we must sadly concede that octal's heyday has
    passed. [It will be interesting to see UTC accept RFC 4042's UTF-9 and
    UTF-18 as official encodings...]

    With tongue firmly in cheek,

    -- Mark --
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