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From: Luke-Jr (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2010 - 17:23:54 CDT

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    On Monday 07 June 2010 02:37:29 pm John Dlugosz wrote:
    > > But again, I'm not talking about programming. My four year old can
    > > grasp tonal just as well as she could decimal had I been teaching that.
    > > Now if I were using the a-f notation, she would be (reasonably) confused
    > > as to why *some* numbers are unique, but *other* numbers are also letters.
    > Won't your child have problems dealing with other people, reading labels,
    > counting money, etc.?

    That question is based on numerous assumptions:
    - That they will interact with people who don't know tonal on a regular basis.
    - That they won't also learn decimal and how to convert to and from.
    - That currency can only be weighed in decimal units.

    One key advantage to teaching them the tonal numeric system is that they will
    grow up mathematically "bilingual", and won't have the basic mental limitation
    of a single number system. In other words, your question might as well be in
    response to if I had said I plan to teach my children Japanese.

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